Adoptions / Additional Guardianship

Adoptions / Additional Guardianship​

I assist where the child is already resident in New Zealand.

If you are not the biological parent of the child, there are options to be involved in the important decisions surrounding a child’s welfare.

One option is to become an additional guardian. An application can be filed adding you as a person to make important decisions which would include health, education, religious, relocation and overseas travel decisions.

You will need to consult with all other guardians when making important decisions, if agreement cannot be reached an application will need to be made to the family Court for a judge to decide.

Adoption is an optional whereby you take the place of any other biological parent. This process is more involved and requires police checks and a social work report. The process is the same for all people as if a person is adopting a child that is not known to them.

It is best to book a consultation to discuss the pros and cons of each option.