Family Violence

Family Violence

I act both for people who are seeking protection and those who have been served with a protection order.

I am happy to meet with you with a support person present if you need additional support to talk about what has happened. This can also help you to remember the advice you are given.

If you have been served with a Protection order there is a limited time to object if you do not wish to attend the 22 week living without violence program and so it is important to see a lawyer as soon as possible, to ascertain whether you should attend.

For the court to make a protection order there must be the following components:

1. A Family Relationship,

2. Violence, and

3. Need for Protection.

Family violence includes physical, sexual and psychological abuse.

Legal advice is necessary to ascertain if you would quality for a protection order. Minor matters can qualify where there is a pattern of behaviour.

To apply without notice there should not be a significant delay. You may wish to apply for parenting and family violence orders together with occupation or tenancy orders.

Make an appointment to talk through what orders are appropriate.