Parenting Applications

Resolving Parenting Disagreements

Not all parenting matters need to involve the Family Court, some people simply have an agreement in writing so that it is clear what the parameters are and to avoid disputes. Orders are necessary where there is a lack of trust or safety issues. Make an appointment to discuss the best way to deal with your parenting matters.

The law has changed back since the 2014 changes and Lawyers are now able to file your application into court, even if it is not urgent.

You still need to attend “Parenting through Separation” and “Family Dispute Resolution” unless there are special circumstances.

Parenting through separation is a free course that involves psychologists setting out what your children need. This can be key in understanding what the court will be focusing on as the welfare of your child is the court’s paramount consideration.

The “Parenting Through separation” course is run through a number of providers, find out more at

Family Dispute Resolution is also run through several providers including Fairway, Family Works, and the FDR Centre.

If your matter does go to court, a lawyer will usually be appointed to represent your children before the court decides on final parenting orders.