Relocation Applications

Relocation Applications​

Where a child resides or attends school are guardianship issues. These decisions should not be made without agreement, if agreement is not reached a court application must be filed if you wish to change where your client lives or attends school.

In deciding whether to make an order allowing a relocation the court will weigh up all the factors with the child’s welfare being paramount.

The court will want to know how the child’s relationship will be preserved and strengthened with both parents and the extended family. 

The court will want to know how contact is going to be affected and how transport arrangements will take place. 

The court will want to know that what the relocation will practically mean for the child, both in the short and long term. 

The court will likely appoint lawyer for the children to obtain their views and to assist in negotiating a settlement.

It is important to make as much information available as possible. The court needs to have a real insight into the life that is proposed for the children in the change of location. 

It is useful to meet to discuss the implications of your proposed move.

Arrange an initial consultation to hear feedback on your proposal and the chances of success.